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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1960 Corvette-The Muscle Cars Legend

1960 Corvette Blue-Front Left View-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette-Front Left View-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette Blue-Rear Left View-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette-Front Right View-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette seems to be the cars at 60s or Custom 70s. Front bumper were removed and filled. Side trim was removed, the front nose badge was removed. The rest of the car's exterior appears unchanged. Interior has an aftermarket tach, steering wheel and door panels. Painting is as old as the car was sitting in a garage since 1993. have nicks, scratches, chips, some cracks, ect. is presentable to be redesigned, I'm guessing it was last painted in 1984.

1960 Corvette-Driver Seat Rear View-Muscle Cars
1960 Corvette Blue-Engine-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette-Dirty Engine-Muscle Cars

This seems to have been originally Corvette Blue Horizon (1 766), I have no idea what the current color is blue. This Corvette Options include: 3.70 position, 4-speed, dual-speed wipers with washers, a heater and a radio, courtesy lights. hardtop is MIA and the car now has only one roof. Seats and tables are removed for inspection pads, in excellent condition, they are the nicest unrestored seats I've ever seen in a C1. springs still wrapped cloth, rust-free frames.
Hood is dated 1984 and is usable as is, but it has some small areas spent on it. rear window is clear, it seems that it was top left to bottom, for many, many years. It seems that I was the first to put it since it was stored in 1993. Heater, windshield wipers, lights and all the work. Steering box and suspension seems tight. Frame is rust free and solid, which includes two rear plate and the area around the support arm 3.

1960 Corvette-Front Left View-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette-Seats View-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette-Wheel Drive View-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette-The Popular Muscle Cars

Engine starts and runs well, has good oil pressure, does not seem to smoke at all, seems to run cool. Engine 65-66 is a non original 327 heads w / double hump and a small holley carb (air filter removed for photos) 870 block, HD block code. Trans is a Borg Warner T10 with a hurst shifter. shifts well, clutch and transmission both seem well, works the emergency brake.

1960 Corvette-Wheel Drive View and Speed Indicator 

1960 Corvette Blue-Opened Engine-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette-Baggade-Muscle Cars

1960 Corvette-Rear Left View-Muscle Cars

Original vin still attached to the column, windshield and door posts are not to be super nice rechromed, chrome and stainless are very nice original parts, door handles, taillights, ect are very nice original. Vette brakes on this work, but I do not trust them. I drove it around the yard and a short trip up and down the street without example, but the brakes of age makes me nervous. This is an excellent candidate for a mod project rest. more difficult to find all the pieces are here and in good condition. Or it could be a great lever input straight vette driver / fun shaft with a little tweaking here and there.

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