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Thursday, July 21, 2011

1969 Boss 429 Ford Mustang-The Legendary Muscle Car

When released to the press Motoring considered the Boss 429 was harshly condemned for disappointing performance ("struggle to beat a Cobra Jet 428 for acceleration" was a common comment), and the engine due to poor handling large and heavy in front.
1969 Ford Mustang Boss-Front Left View

1069 Boss 429 in Royal Maroon-Pic Jerry Heasley

 Em janeiro de 1969, Ford Motor Company iniciou a produção de 1969 do Boss 429 Mustang. Apresentando o estoque versão Nascar 429 motor. Os carros foram realmente construídos por Kar-Kraft na fábrica KK-Brighton, localizada em Brighton, Michigan. Cada veículo foi montado mão. 1969 a produção decorreu de janeiro de 1969 a julho de 1969. Total de unidades produzidas: 859. Isto inclui 2-1969 Cougars Boss. 1970 a produção começou em agosto de 1969 e funcionou até dezembro de 1969. Total de unidades produzidas: 500.This inclui 2-1970 Quarter Horse-Mustangs. Produção total para o Mustang Boss 429, incluindo os dois pumas 1969 e duas 1970 Quartas-de-Cavalos: 1.359 veículos.

1969 Boss 429 Motors engine

1969 Ford Mustang Boss from TopSpeed-Front Left View

1969 Ford Mustang Boss from TopSpeed-Front Left View

In fact, as the manipulation Big Boss was no match for the Boss 302 agile handler was much better than any other Mustang big block as a result of heavier springs, lowered ride height, front suspension geometry realigned, increased range wide front, heavy rear stabilizer bar, and relocation of the battery to the trunk. Moreover, considering the state of tune the cars left the factory it was no wonder that the car was a little slow. To partially address the problem of performance, Ford changed the drive shaft 280 of the car after a drive leading to a hydraulic lifter brewed hotter than solid, and lightened the massive conrods races to make the engine rev more quickly. This led to power up to about 400 hp, (although he officially remained at 375bhp). When this was combined with a decline in the proportion of 3.5 to 3.9 diff for the Big Boss really started to run. Throw in some smaller engine mods to help the big engine to breathe a little easier, and became a truly great artist. "Kraft Car" magazine obtained 12.3/113mph quarter mile walk after only performed a handful of very small modifications to a head of 429 production.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss-Rear Right View
Thus, the Boss 429 was a real sleeping giant waiting to be unleashed. And that's just what happened in the NASCAR circuit in 1969 when pilots Boss 429 engine completely dominated the season after its introduction. Unfortunately Ford left the race before the 1970 season, and as a result the big engine was never developed to their full race potential. Many drag racers head engine were also built, perhaps the most famous is the TASCA Mustang drag car with a block of alloy hot Boss 429. This car was towed around the country with success, taking in all the corners with bubbles sub 12 / 4 second.

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