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Sunday, July 17, 2011

1970 Mustang 302 7.Boss-The Legendary Muscle Cars

Boss 302 is a severe muscle car with a high rotation of the Boss 302 V8 engine, which is underestimated by 290 horsepower Camaro ss at compared with arch-rival. Made for Trans-Am racing, the Boss 302 was from 0-60 mph in under seven seconds.

1970 Ford mustang Boss 302-Blue

1970 Mustang 302 7.Boss-Orange

1970 Mustang 302 7.Boss-Racer on Street

1970 Mustang 302 7.Boss-Red

1970 Mustang 302 7.Boss-Yellow Modif

Prohidney-1970 Mustang 302 7.Boss

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