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Monday, July 4, 2011

1970 Road Runner-The Real Muscle Car in 1970

Muscle cars in 1970 brought new changes and compared with the model muscle cars in 1968. Design and function of the Air Grabber option has been changed this year to improve the efficiency and the "intimidation factor". Some changes include a new grille, leather seats, hood, front fenders, quarter panels, single-piston Kelsey-Hayes disc brakes (much better than small rotors Bendix four-piston calipers 68-69), and even non-functional scoop in the quarter-section rear. "High Impact" colors, with names like In-Violet, Moulin Rouge, and vitamin C are the options available for that year. A switch under the dash vacuum servo driven to lift the spoon slowly forward, exposing the shark like teeth on each side.

1970 Road Runner Muscle Car

1970 Playmouth Road Runner Muscle Car

The Road Runner GTX 1970 and continues to be an attractive and popular cars. This car is considered more valuable than the 1969 version due to better track high-impact colors and more options, including new high-back bucket seats along with other Chrysler products that have a built-in headrests. Machine line was not changed, despite a three-speed manual transmission became standard weight, leaving four speed options list along with the Torque Flite automatic. This will be the Road Runner in the second and final conversion, with only 834 made. 1969 "M" Code Edelbrock aluminum intake replaced with factory parts are manufactured in cast iron, however, because the casting is porous, there is withdrawal early in the intake of iron is equipped with six 440 run, and this should be replaced with Edelbrock intake, is more desirable than previous year.

1970 Playmouth Road Runner Super Bird Muscle Car

1970 Playmouth Road Runner The Real Muscle Car

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