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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Barracuda After 1974

Plymouth Barracuda 1970-1974-The Legendary Muscle Car

Plymouth two distinct concepts engineers carved out of clay, both with a Superbird-inspired aerodynamic body, and finally reached a consensus on which an operating concept car could be built. The 1975 Barracuda was planned before the end of the 1970-1974 cycle model. Due to a rapidly changing automotive market, the concepts were broken and the 1975 Barracuda was not put into production. The Barracuda was dropped after 1974, a victim of the 1973 energy crisis

1972 Plymouth Barracuda-The Legendary Muscle Car

In 2007, Motor Trend reported a rumor that Chrysler is considering reviving the Barracuda in 2009.  However, the Barracuda was not reintroduced to the side of the third generation Dodge Challenger.

1973 Plymouth Barracuda-The Legendary Muscle Car

1974 Plymouth 'Cuda-The Legendary Muscle Car

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