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Friday, July 22, 2011

Modern Muscle Cars-Pontiac GTO

Different Golden age of American high performance was introduced with a remarkable range of modern muscle cars. These machines combine the speed and power of their sacred ancestors, but adding new security handling, features, reliability and even fuel economy.

Of course, the world of modern muscle cars would not be complete without a Pontiac GTO. It seemed impossible, but there he was: a brand new 2004 GTO. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, a shrewd man with a long memory car, wanted to give a sick Pontiac showroom draw hot Firebird to replace the departed. He knew Australia had a spot GM Corvette powered rear-drive coupe that will certainly fill that bill. The deed was done after a dual port grille, GTO emblems, and other relatively minor changes were made.

2005 Pontiac GTO-Modern Muscle Cars
The Goat Aussie certainly could go as a classic GTO, with 350 hp coming from a 350-cid V-8. Motor Trend has a 00-60 5.3 seconds and 13.62 second quarter-mile, so no problem there.

Handling, braking, and labor were all light years better, as would be expected after three decades, and the ride was really comfortable. But muscleheads took issue with the style, not American enough, not tough enough. And since they have a GTO hood scoops?

2005 Pontiac GTO Front View-Modern Muscle Cars

2005 Pontiac GTO Rear View-Modern Muscle Cars

2005 Pontiac GTO Right Side View-Modern Muscle Cars

With this blame and resulting publicity, sales came below expectations. Pontiac did what he could for 2005 twin-scoop hood pattern, more exhaust rumble, and a larger 364-cid small-block Corvette, with a stout 400 horsepower. But even this did not satisfy die-hards GTO, so the car was canceled after 2006 and an estimated turnover of about 32,000. It was a great disappointment to Mr. Lutz, but GM appears ready to try again. We hear another new GTO is coming around 2009, and you can bet the stylists will not play.

Bold style helped Chrysler survive another brush with death in the early 90's, a turnaround that led a 1998 coup by Mercedes-Benz. But few were prepared for the 2005 Chrysler 300 sedan, Dodge Magnum wagon and Dodge Charger sedan 2006.

A marked departure from the cab curvy look forward to these new LX-size cars were unabashedly blunt and blocks, with chopped rooflines and contours lending an air of well-designed, muscular, almost menacing.


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