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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Muscle Car-Motor can move you with 'the power'

Muscle Car Picture by John Gunnell

People say 'motors with the power to move you' as 'mucle car'. One example of 'muscle car' is the Sports Car C-Class diesel models with common rail technology. That's  not surprised because diesel sports car will enter the teritory. Three efficient and powerful CDI engines are available for the new C-Class. The C230 CDI is a unit of a six-cylinder common-rail unit with an output of 165kW (224hp), which accelerates the car to 100km / h in 7.7 seconds. The two units CYLIN 4, the C200 and CDI2 C220CDi suffered numberous technical improvements and now deliver even more power and torque significantly. 

Thanks to these measures, such as the expansion of the spray nozzles for piston cooling oil to improve and optimize the supply of oil to the plain bearing, the C200CDI2 now develops 100kW (136hp) and C220CDi has an output of 125kW (170hp). Added to this, metal glow plugs were replaced on both engines for other ceramics that are capable of reaching higher temperatures to improve cold running properties. All diesel engines are naturally equipped with a particulate filter.

Muscle Cars Start Racing

Muscle Car Wars-New Camaro-On Road Driving

Muscle Car Engine View

1971 Dodge Challenger RT-Modern Muscle Car-Front View Picture

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