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Sunday, August 21, 2011

1969 Plymouth Road Runner - A Brief Overview

1969 Road Runner - The Faster Muscle Car

Road Runner Brand

One of the fastest car produced by General Motors at this point was 1969 Plymouth Road Runner.  This legendary muscle car is cheaper than others in the same level and models. It had a very powerful engine, and the models come in convertible and hardtop.
1969 Plymouth Road Runner Exterior - Front Right View

Here were the estimated price of  the two-door hardtop Road Runner for about US $ 2,945. The different model, the convertible was sold for about at US$ 3,790. There were more than two hundred thousands Muscle Car Road Runners were sold and the car eight years in 1969.

1969 Road Runner Interior


1969 Plymouth Road Runner paid US $ 50,000 to Warner Bros. On the 1969, this muscle car was used for the rights to the Road Runner Road Runner cartoon character. The Road Runner cartoon decals used were gray because of a short production window.  Road Runner horn, In the spirit of its namesake cartoon, 1969 was ‘beep beep!’

1969 Road Runner Blue - Rear View


By Motor Trend magazine, the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner was named Car of the Year in its second year production. 1975 was the last year’s production of the Plymouth Road Runner.

Logo Superbird Roadrunner


Cartoon was featured in the Plymouth Road Runner 1969 advertising campaign. Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner's nemesis Warner Bros. Cleaner air car was named the Coyote Duster and also become the featured of cartoon logo.

1969 Roadrunner Photo Collection of allphar


This muscle car had a top speed of 113 km per hour and has a 383-cubic inch V8 engine that generated up to 335 horsepower. The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner become faster muscle car because this car also had completed with optional equipment includes a 426 Hemi engine.  Standard 1969 Road Runner has four-speed manual transmission.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi Engine Components
1969 Plymouth Roadrunner - Front Left View

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