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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Last Plymouth Hemi Cuda Ever Made, We Think

The muscle car was not only beautiful Plymouth Hemi Cuda True Blue Metallic, but also the 'best-selling car at Mecum Spring Classic car auction last week, believed to be the end of an era of muscle cars.

The last True Blue Metallic Plymouth Hemi Cuda has made I think ( Muscle Cars )

When this original 23,746 miles Plymouth was hammered last week sold for $ 550,000, was announced as the Plymouth Hemi Cuda past have done. This statement comes from the fact that this particular car is the largest known number of series 1971 426 Hemi equipped Plymouth 'Cuda in existence.

Hemi car was not exactly an easy business when expected sold in
high dollar. The car had already made several unsuccessful trips around the auction block before the car found a new owner last weekend. According to Hemmings:

The last True Blue Metallic Plymouth Hemi Cuda (Engine View ) has made I think

"The car has not been a sale at $ 370,000 Mecum Auction in St. auction Mecum, bid up to $ 525,000 in Kissimmee Mecum auction in 2009, dating back to 2007. Charles, in 2009, $ 375,000 in Monterey in 2010, $ 400,000 in Kissimmee, 2010;. and $ 380,000 in St. Charles in 2010. With a starting price of $ 599,000, the car was also spotted in the inventory of a dealer prior to its sale last month."

Even if it existed
in the market for a Hemi Cuda and were a world of dreams', we might to think twice before paying the "last car built" hefty premium attached to this car. At least one bidder does not share our concerns, judging by the price paid $ 550,000 last week. Regardless of what the car sells for, we certainly do almost anything for a chance to spend an afternoon hooning this (or any other) Plymouth Hemi Cuda '.

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