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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Twenty Most Rare Muscle Cars

Muscle cars became a pride for the fans. Not a few fans who are already highly dependent on the presence mengangumi and muscle cars. At present not only among older fans, but also young people. Muscle car trend quite attracted much attention, especially in America.

Over time the existence of the muscle car is diminishing due to several automotive manufacturers do not make this type of car again. Based on information obtained from the author of one of the sites on the Internet there are about 20 rare muscle cars.

One of the most lacking at present is the Hemi convertible. One of the car for company executives, car modification agent (Yenkos, Baldwin-Motion, etc.) and purpose built race cars. Car rankings with a total built by year, model, body style and engine.

Note that by their nature, Hemi convertibles are widely represented in this list. Convertible represents everything that a typical muscle car buyer does not want - a higher price, heavier, and top speed is generally lower. Add to that the high performance (and high prices) for the Hemi engine, and it is not surprising that the Hemi convertible that rarest of all muscle cars. In fact, throughout the era Hemi (1966-1971).

Here are twenty of the rarest muscle cars:

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