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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Five of Classics and Legendary American Muscle Cars

If we are talking about muscle cars began the era of 60 years, so we know some brands famous muscle cars, including the 1960 Chevy, Ford and Mopars. Those legendary muscle cars are very well known because of its speed and power. Those are cars that are well known as a car much loved by the people of Europe, especially the Americans, so the car is the pride of the people in the American muscle car enthusiasts.

Here is a Five Muscle Cars, which became the lover of American car enthusiasts.

1. 1967 Pontiac GTO

1967 Pontiac GTO - Front Left Picture

Many fans called him "Goat" for this car. The car is the first classic muscle cars that have a mark on the design front-end grille. These characteristics are one of the most famous cars of all muscle car enthusiasts. Package options for the 1963 Pontiac LeMans, GTO became its own model of the series in 1966. Model year 1967 is the last year of this first generation of visible light design with stacked, and exhibited here.

Completeness Potiac GTO in car seats include panels, panel-grained walnut, duel exhaust, and suspension of fat. A look under the hood to find a 400 cid big engine 389 in the previous year. Pontiac also has tri-power (three 2bbls) 4bbl carb setup for a single edition of 1967.

Choice of peak performance in 1967 is 400 HO rated at 360 hp at 5,100 rpm. Adding option Ram air induction slightly increased the peak rpm. These GTOs typycally run a quarter mile in low 14s. Almost 82,000 GTOs were sold in 1967, which has 400 13 872 HO, Ram Air 751 with the just installed this unit.

2. 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 - Front Left Picture

In 1966, Chevelle SS L78 engine 396s with options, totaling only about 100 units, and therefore very valuable today. Chevrolet "Super Sport" package is the option was first introduced by Impala 1961 and soon spread to other Chevelle models, which began life in 1964.

1966 Chevelle models equipped with the most recognizable feature, the classic fender forward pushing forward. Super Sport version also included a special caps, red line tires, black-and grill-outs that show the SS badging to complement your more daring look.

Enginewise, the 396 is basically de-stroked big-block 409, and available in various configurations from the basic version, rated 325 hp. The choice of RPO L78 which is released in the middle of the year. Thanks to the compression ratio of 11.0:1, a hot cam, and other settings, this baby has produced 375 hp at 5600 rpm, could 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and ran 14.5 in the second quarter.

3. 1969 Dodge Coronet R / T and Super Bee

1969 Dodge Coronet R T and Super Bee Picture

The car is the second list of 69 Coronet muscle car version, because both are very similar, but each has unique advantages. Appointment option R / T is available in various models of Dodge beginning in 1967.

In 1969, many fans choose Mopar Coronet Super Bee is cheaper. Muscle car is equivalent to the Plymouth Roadrunner, and therefore reduced the Super Bee features chic, so it is lighter than the bees R / T. Super also are much more common, especially those equipped with the base 383 cc, which is not yet available in the R / T.

A Super Bee with a size of 440 or 426 Hemi package of six quadruplets. R / T only offered with a 440 or a Hemi Magnum. Burner is routinely ran the quarter mile in mid 13s. R / T becomes rarer of the two models, about 6800 R / T produced in 1969, 400 of them R / T convertible (all hardtops Super Bee). Ten of his cloth-on R / Ts have a Hemi, and only four of them left the factory with a four-speed tranny.

4. 1966 Oldsmobile 442

1966 Oldsmobile 442 Picture

Technically, the pre-1968 Olds 442s instead of the current model, but "442" is a package of options available for Oldsmobile Cutlass. The standard engine 400 cid L78 incorporates a unique and 4bbl carburetor rated at 350 hp. Set-up is preferred for car buyers is the L69 upgrades the muscle, which is the setting for one year only shows hot cam and carb 2bbl three "tri-power" setting, which helps increase power by 10 others horses.

A quarter-mile race as fast as 14.8 seconds. Rarest of the rare is the version of the W-30 tri-power engine, which also enter the air induction system via a tube front bumper. There are only 54 copies released factory W-30, while 97 others are agent-modified plant. Find W-30442 days is impossible, but not having it, "regular" power tri L69 is the most desired by collectors.

5. 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Picture

Mopar hit paydirt when they came up with the idea of ​​using wave Roadrunner muscle car, offering low prices to the masses in 1968, with 1969 being the year of sales, especially the stars.

Among the couple's performance of the car is licensed in the Roadrunner cartoon characters from Warner Brothers and mascots, including the famous sound "beep-beep" to your horn. To keep costs low, the minimum designated Roadrunners, but this car is not a toy, such as suspension of performance and features are not compromised.

Base stickered under $ 3,000, the price goes up quickly when you start beefing with power options. Over 80,000 units were sold in various configurations 1969, with "no charge" hardtops of the most desirable among collectors. But the truth is found today is a cloth top, which is only about 2,200 were produced.

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