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Friday, September 23, 2011

The good news for Chevy Camaro Muscle Car Fans in Asean

Chevy Camaro On Driving

Based on the information we summarized from, that Chevrolet has recently been allowed to provide a Chevy Camaro with the position of the steering wheel on the right. When the Camaro cars right wheel has been manufactured, this car is the first step into the Southeast Asian region.

Chevy Camaro Black - Front Left View

As an early stage, product chevy Camaro muscle car will explore the British use the right steering wheel in the next year. Chevrolet Camaro plans to soon enter the UK at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​celebration in August, and it indicates that these muscle cars go on sale in the territory of Japan, Indonesia is likely to follow soon be marketing area that produced the world's coolest cars General "Chevy Camaro" .

Speed Moving Chevrolet Camaro Modern

As the cool, handsome and powerful muscle car who was originally from this land of "Uncle Sam Nation", would have awaited its presence in the country of Indonesia. The series of stories about this car has left many legends and historical experiences of one of the cars that are used for high speed.

Modern Chevy Camaro - Exterior Front Grill View

Types of cars that will be marketed in the ASEAN region, especially Indonesia and Japan are equipped with a V8 engine, 6.2 liter, producing power of 426 horsepower and torque of 569 nm. One of the actions the speed and capabilities of this car can be seen in the Transformers movie.

Rear View Chevy Camaro Red

Chevy Camaro is now the produce of General Motors which is currently very popular is giving new hope to his fans in Southeast Asia. The appearance of the Camaro American Muscle cars right steering wheel provide hope and opportunity as well as the fans in the Asean region to purchase and enjoy the sophistication of the muscle car icon that became the pride of America. Although previous Camaro cars right steering wheel can be obtained with via international car conversion company.

Up View Chevy Camaro Muscle Car

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