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Thursday, September 29, 2011

K&K Insurance racing team for 1968 - 1969 Dodge Charger

K & K Insurance Team - shiny new 1968 Charger drove by Bobby Isaac

At one season, the champion racing driver incorporated in the K & K Insurance team is ready to race to beat the big boys play NASCAR. In preparation for a teacher was Harry Hyde car mechanic has been perfected to be used for the race while Bobby Isaac is ready to trade with Petty and Yarborough and Pearson last rider of the Grand National star. 

K&K Insurance racing team member in the garage with a 1969 Charger 500

The team of K & K Insurance will receive full support from the factory Dodge, so they will not spend time in vain to play around in the arena of this race. Isaac drove Dodge to win the race in third place in Montgomery, AL in the second case this year, then another again in Brisol which consists of five races and the third is in the Greenville-Pickens to race to nine.

K & K Insurance Team - Daytona mule testing at the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea

In the race of Isaac uses 1968 Charger muscle car with car number 71, then to the other races Isaac drove some 1967 Charger with the number 73 to compete with peers include former teammate Charlie Glotzbach.

K & K Insurance Team - by 1969 Dodge Charger 500  Isaac won in Daytona 125 qualifying races

Then at the beginning of the season appear good news for K & K Insurance team since Chryster will put the team into their listings with the support of the racers got more support. Support from Chryster of engineering and mechanical engineer and machine parts on the shelf. Some teams then take advantage of this, then the company is considered as "intruders" in their business. In contrast to Hyde who then took full advantage by establishing a closer relationship with Chrysler's expert mechanical engineer named Larry Rathgeb.

Harry ponders which 426 Hemi to install

As a team of K & K Insurance, Isaac gets kemengan when using the No. 71 car and holds the key points. Then he collected two more victories in GA and MD Beltsvilee and in Augusta. All kemengan achieved by K & K Insurance team using the car charger, although some 1967 Charger with the body model 1968. Of the few races have shown that the track circuit is not suitable for large Ford slender. Ford vs Chryster in "Aero War" racing just considered as a warming up and also K & K racing team.
Bobby Isaac on hard racing against his good friend, David Pearson.
Mills battle each other on the aerodynamic supremacy was saw at the 1969 NASCAR season, It was trying in vain to keep things under control. Dodge added a flush rear fastback and its front grille of the charger, and "Charger 500." was dubbed it. In addition, A new nose was created by Ford, and lower grade for their Torino. 

Isaac finished fourth and then won at 1969 season finale at the new Texas World Speedway

After superspeedway that was under construction in Alabama. Than the race for 125 miles of Daytona finally won by David Pearson. It was the first qualifying round in his Ford while Bobby Isaac Charger 500 put her in victory lane in 125 seconds. On the race Dodge Ford Lee Roy Yarbrough beat Charlie Glotzbach is the stripe for the win in Daytona 500 while Chrysler knew he still had some work to do before the Dodges could compete with the Fords in superspeedways.

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