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Thursday, October 6, 2011

KW Dodge Challenger Renovation with Quality and Style Blend of American Muscle Cars

 KW Dodge Challenger - Creative Renovation of Muscle Car
One of the legends in the American muscle car the Dodge Challenger, came back to liven up a classic car collection which gradually began to decrease. Appearance aesthetically shaped muscle on the front radiator grille, large cubic capacity engine, KW dental specialists who enhance the performance of the Dodge at the time of passing the bend. High quality components make the Challenger KW different from other cars and maintain the identity of American-style car.

KW Dodge Challenger Engine Components

KW engine is a V8 Dodge Challenger SRT-engine-powered 425 horsepower (313 kW) and equipped with air filters and exhaust systems that use the latest engine technology. It can be seen at the time of cornering, it has a lot of improvement in performance compared to the characteristics of its parent.

Rear Angle View of KW Dodge Challenger

Designing a more robust body with a specialist running gear of Fichtenberg in Germany. Steel inox steel mill line version of the optimal damping and some refinement of the Challenger SRT-8 to display the type of car a sporty, exciting and still have comfort.

KW Dodge Challenger HRE Wheel Dunlop SP Sport

On completion the exterior wheels, KW cooperate with high class HRE Wheels factory. Chellenger by using aluminum alloy wheels with light-alloy HRE 995R is available in the dimensions of the front axle 10 x 22 inches, and rear axle 11 x 22 inches. Distance foot with wheels Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 265/35 ZR 22 in front and 295/30 ZR 22 in the rear makes the Dodge Challenger KW is not easy to sway when cornering.

As a diversified sports car also made it sound sporty style with an engine mounted air filter K & N and a new exhaust system from Magnaflow uses 18-inch pipe, two-pipe system will roar and then a 3.5-inch exhaust pipe end section.

Door Style of KW Dodge Challenger

The other part that is no less interesting are the doors of the Dodge Challenger using the LSD-hinge, roller systems for precision guided GRS safety when opening and closing the door. Door model has also been adapted to the American style.

Interior of KW Dodge Challenger

KW successes in overhauling the Dodge Challenger muscle car deserves thumbs up, since his creation in perfect American-style classic cars and muscle cars to reduce myth.

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