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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why security systems and vehicle age of Pontiac GTO classic car affect to insurance premiums?

1970 Pontiac GTO - Classic Car Insurance

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge - Front Angle View

 If you are an owner of the Pontiac GTO, maybe you are one of a collector of classic muscle cars or antique cars. While the condition of your Pontiac is still original so that it can be extremely valuable. The longer the antique your car can priced skyrocketed, especially in the perspective of the Pontiac GTO lovers. Along with the increasing price of your Pontiac car, the cost of liability insurance would also be directly proportional (the higher).

1970 Pro Street GTO for Insured

Antique Car Insurance - Gold 1970 GTO and Blue 1969 Pontiac GTO

Most insurance companies charge higher insurance premiums for other types of antique cars and classic cars. The older the car, then the original parts increasingly hard to find, so that insurance costs have also increased, besides the cost of maintenance is also expensive. Just imagine, if the car is damaged on one component of the engine or body, then the insurance company that had contracted in returning of genuine spare parts should look for it even if spare parts are to be sought or imported.

AutoCar Insurance of Pontiac GT9 Goat - Rear Angle View

AutoCar Insured Pontiac GT9 Goat - Front Angle View

In addition to age and uniqueness of the car, other things that affect the high cost of insurance premium for the Pontiac GTO is a security system on the vehicle, for example, a place of storage (garage), alarms and other forms of security for your car. If your Pontiac GTO comes with a good security system, meaning the risk of theft and loss will be minimalized. Therefore, insurance companies could lower the cost of the premiums charged to you.

Classic Auto Car Insured 1970 GTO Convertible

Insured 2005 PONTIAC GTO after accident evidence photo

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