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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2004-2006 Pontiac GTO final Model and LS and D-1 Procharger Supercharger Engine

2004 Pontiac GTO Blue Interior and Driver Seats

It was not so long we assume that the car driven on the road with 400 horsepower is something special. We greatly appreciate the automotive designers who work behind the great work they are to produce a car with this amazing strength. Sometimes it is hard to understand the behavior of the real streets are always not satisfied with the results they have reached, ie cars with high power and speed on the road.

2004 pontiac gto Engine Components

2004 Pontiac GTO interior Wheel Drive

As a response to market demand, the big three car manufacturers in the United States built a powerful muscle cars and high speed cars which can be used on the highway. Until recent years, their craftsmen and lovers of engine modifications have produced works that excellent which became the pride of the street car lovers.

Muscle cars are powerful and high speed are becoming a tool to gain popularity in the racing world. Muscle cars are mostly made by the lovers of car engines, and engine designer, machine technicians. They mostly are not satisfied with the results produced by the engine manufacturers in general. The machines have proved superior in various contests and won the race can be highly prized by muslce cars, classic cars, old cars, legendary cars, and exotic cars collectors and wealthy individuals. They really appreciate all that has been done by the designers of the engine.

2004 Pontiac GTO Popular with Hot Rodders - rear angle view

2005 Pontiac GTO Engine Components - High Tech Performance

One brand name of General Motors production car that became very famous and legendary is Pontiac GTO. Pontiac GTO name again became popular again in 2004 to 2006 through the latest works of hot rodders. Types of machines used to build the Pontiac GTO LS1 2004 is capable of generating power up to 350 horsepower, while the following year appeared also the generation that preached LS2-powered engines to 400 horsepower.

2005 Pontiac GTO Hot Rodders - front angle view

2005 Pontiac GTO interior View

The presence of powerful machinery of the Pontiac GTO 2004-2006 has answered the dreams of most of the modern muscle car lovers the world. Although the sale of the Pontiac GTO in the year is not fast as expected by General Motors, but in that year, the Pontiac GTO name can be remembered by lovers of the automobile. Those years was the era of their triumph to restore all his populeran had declined in previous years.

2005 Pontiac GTO Racing - on Speed driving view

2006 Pontiac GTO Best Picture Wallpaper - Up view

The next development of the Pontiac GTO is the use of the LS engine. Type of LS engines have developed very rapidly. Also reported that the LS engine is perfect for creating muscle cars because the engine is very responsive with multiple components. A significant development when the LS2 engine installed with a D-1 Procharger Supercharger a block that has been marketed or engine drive the piston rod.

One of the best work of the Pontiac GTO 2006 GTO there is a generation that uses a head LS6 engine owned by Chris Chaffin. A mild camshaft of Performance Livernois, COMP Cams roller rockers, and a set of JBA headers dwarf. For more complete information about the Pontiac GTO, especially for the lovers of his race cars and hot rodders, you can visit in a few links on this blog about related information.

2006 Pontiac GTO interior - Red and Black Dahsboard

Hot Rodders 2004 Pontiac GTO Picture - front angle view

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