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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hemi Cuda Concept - Overview of the a futuristic and dynamic muscle car concept

Hemi Cuda Concept Design - rear and left side view

Hemi Cuda, a symbol of American muscle cars ever to achieve glory in the years 1970-1974 and the highest speed to Plymouth Hemi Cuda 1970 is 188.3 kph / 117.0 mph. The value for a car Hemi Cuda is strongly influenced by the quality of the restoration and mileage, prices in the market today range from $ 140,000 - $ 180,000. Like other muscle cars hemi CUDA can also drove at high speed on the road, the engine power of 400 horsepower reaches common as the other muscle car, about a quarter-mile times under 13 seconds like Hemi, Cobra, GTO, Challenger and Camaro. This information we have quoted from the information we obtain from

Barracuda Concept Car - New Muscle Car Concept Dynamic and Futuristic

Hemi Cuda Concept Car - New Muscle Car Concept Dynamic and Futuristic - rear angle view

The new concept hemi CUDA for getting the hemi CUDA concept car a better future, involving the Chrysler as a team of designers. Is it valid?. One of the perceptions that might arise from the above question is, could the people who are out of the car industry is a lot of political play in manufacturing can produce genuine works for a design that best?. The possibility of the work produced will not be maximal. Some car designs hemi CUDA has been fantastic through a filter made very fashionable. One example is the case of Nate Vraver and Chrysler Hemi Cuda concept rendering.

Chrysler Hemi Cuda Rendering - Concept Car Review

Chrysler Hemi Cuda Rendering Concept - New Muscle Car Concept in Review

Ototmotif industries that use new hemi CUDA concept including the hey-day. The new concept was adopted from the Ford Thunderbird and Ford Mustang which is a key concept and never succeeded. One example of successful design of new concepts that may have left many design derivatives are the Pontiac GTO. GTO more use of legacy nora imaginationPontiac GTO model resemble each other that is being built up now.

If viewed from a futuristic design and modern muscle cars hemi CUDA in Nate CarverConcepts are made tend to be more advanced. The back of the fact that even the difference is in stark contrast with the design of ChryslerBoxy-design the whole design was adopted from the Dodge Viper and Dodge Demon Roadster. Meanwhile, Chrysler showed on the aerodynamic influence in the results of their design. Aerodynamic bodycar system which can improve the achievement of maximum speed up to reach the optimal point on the design of the muscle car world.

New Muscle Car Concept in Review Chrysler Hemi Cuda Rendering - rear view

New Muscle Car Concept Review of Hemi Cuda

Concept cars hemi CUDA can compete with all the muscle cars are developing in all places, may not be able to make all men admire, if you are one who has seen the concept of hemi CUDA rendering, how about your opinion?

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