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Saturday, December 24, 2011

1982-1987 Buick Grand National - Review of Legendary Muscle Car

Buick Grand National Review - Legendary Muscle Car Photo

The legendary muscle car made its debut in 1982, is shown in NATSCAR racing series. Using the first generation 4.1 L engine with the formation of V-6 engine and potentially generate up to 125 horsepower power 93 kW. There is an optional turbocharged version of the power on could reach 175 horsepower. In 1982 they only produced 215 units Buick Regal Grand Nationals, there are only about 16 versions of the turbocharger. In addition there are also Buick Sport Coupe with a turbocharged engine that produced as many as 2022 units.

Black Solid 1987 buick grand national - side angle view

Buick Grand National - Engine Components View Photo

The next production year is 1984, because in 1983 the production of the Grand National stopped for a while. This type of output in 1984 is characterized by black and improvements in sequential fuel injection system and is believed capable of generating power of 200 horsepower. In the Grand National tersebuh total production of 2000 units.

1987 Buick Grand National Picture Collection

Buick Grand National - Rear View Photo

1986-1987 Grand National is a show with designs and modifications that have been much changed. A significant change is the increase in engine cooling system so that the strength is much improved compared to previous production reached 245 horsepower is 183kW. In the T-type package for Regnal launched. In 1986 production reached 7896 turbo unit, then the next year to produce as many as 27,590 units, a dramatic rise in 1987 due to the Turbo Buick National Regnal popularity peaked.

Buick Grand National - Interior View Photo

Muscle Car Buick Grand National - Right Side View Photo

In addition to Turbo Regnal, 1987 also produces a mild type or T Turbo WE4 optional. Although only about 1547 units were produced, but this product is pretty much in demand by the market. Some features available in WE4 the exterior of the front grille, wheels, badging, bumpers, and taillights. In bamper using aluminum. While on the interior trim and dashboard turns on and the vinyl roof. 1987 edition of the LC2 Turbo option there is a better performance.

Last edition 1987 Buick GNX was also introduced with bandrol 29 thousand U.S. dollars. Its production is handled by ASC Mc Laren. This production is known as a very large size 360 ​​lb-ft with 276 kW engine-powered 206 horsepower. This is the issue of the closure of all the Grand National. After these types, the next production is chaiss a conversion into a front wheel drive.

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