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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

About Hot Rods and Muscle Cars Overview

Collection Old Muscle Car Picture

Hot Rods Brown Modification

For those of you who live in the era of 1950 until the 1970s, you know muscle cars are cars that have a super-performance engine, the engine shaft is made strong and powerful super-powerful, therefore among his fans are street racers who love the muscle strength and engine speed, although the need to spend a lot of pocket to buy, modify and manage.

Hot Rods Legendary Muscle Car in Jumping

Interior of Hot Rods Muscle Car

Even in a muscle car legend, when the cars were passing in front of women, women will be looked back and saw a man driving a muscle car and antique car. The classic car users usually play classic songs and they are valued as a disc-jockey. Due to the strong image as a muscle car automotive trends in that day.

McIntyre Yang Gisbergen-Stone Broke Photo Collection

Modern Muscle Car with white stripes

Some fans of hot rods and muscle cars always shows his style. Hot rod muscle car is the automotive trends that have made America proud for having it. Although not all of them support the use of a hot rod muscle car, but its existence brings deep nostaligia. One that supports the popularity of hot rod muscle car that is the style of strength and modifications not only on the machine but also the aerodynamic body.

Antique and Vintage Car

The Supercars Collection

1 comment:

Tari said...

Old muscle car designs are very appealing, especially to vintage car collectors. My dad owned a muscle car before, which he bought from a car collector at a cheap price. It's too bad that we had to sell it when the recession came in. :)

Tari Ledsome

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