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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot rodder Daddy Issues Editorial Gear 2012 - It's time you went out to drive it!

After some weeks we did not post the new information neighbor muscle cars. Finally we come back to you with this article and we came back to turn on our blog about muscle cars.

Hod lovers rodder, in March we saw a few most badass touring machine that is around us. They are the brave who want to promote their nonsense about building a performance machine that is not fair. Much more powerful and mighty powerful, while necessary to spend a lot of fuel.

Badass 1970 Challenger

These cars are great and many that have sprung from the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. Muscle cars are raised in an event that is SEMA 2011 in Las Vegas. Muscle cars were mostly muscle car kind of touring pros.

In March 2012 Bangin Gears Editorial

Overview 86 Sun - Worked on until it's done

When you see the muscle cars touring pro who appears by not showing the name, you may be surprised by the shape of the tire, super big wheels, big brakes and tons of billet to give the impression of a macho man who is shown with the character of the muscle car. They also increase the market after handling hot rodder who built his own. This proves that they are lovers of racing.

Overview Protouring Pace Car

Photo Pict - Camaro Pro Touring Chevrolet

You will see how cool show wannabes. Pro Street has changed from initially function as a Pro Stock at the previous two decades. Pro Touring kemdian also decorated with a car with unique ornaments, that stupid wheel, stereo booming, and the piston great muscle car that makes the cars are known as common.

Pro Pouring Concept - 1966 Plymouth Belvedere 2

Recent additions-The Most of the remaining work in Exterme Fire Bird

Presented in a comment as follows "... the most interesting type of car for me is that you can hammer on, hose off, and remove wet". This means that the muscle car lovers who want to show the car's rear lights and characterize their exotic sports car road racing.

1973 Black Pro-touring Trans Am

You may have known some muscle car lovers with a car that is Martin Sokulski 1968 Charger, Mark Rife with the 1963 Corvette. They are the drivers who are consistent, not necessarily focused on the display, and more focused on the appearance of the buttocks at the track. Even though they use the standard muscle cars the family, they are ultimately used by the lovers of the muscles that are designed to operate in harsh environments.

Speed Hunter Photo Collection

The Muscle Car Concept - Pro touring

Pro Touring is actually also marupakan expression of automotive art with the feel of the sport. Form of a car that appears to vary widely among touring pros are the new models at the component off the hose, hammer and a firm line on the body, paint neat and cool, and some interior design and flirty.

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