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Thursday, June 23, 2011

In 1966 Corvette Big Block engines courtesy Carl's Jr. sign

The Year of the Big Blocks

Dominated the history of Corvette 1966 Corvette complimentary signal Carls Jr. Big block engines firstly appeared on April 1965. Then In 1966, introduction of the legendary 427 cu. inside the big block engines that extends Corvette history. They were bored on the versions of the 396 cu. 

1965 engine enter and it came and available in two types: 390 hp 425 hp (RPO L72, $ 312.85) and (RPO L36, $ 181.20). The extra cost for the L72 was justified because the impact extruded aluminum pistons, four included screws network, a very aggressive camshaft, Holly 780 CFM carb that mated with an aluminum intake and a free flowing exhaust. The K66 transistorized ignition was a mandatory option with the L72. 

There are reports that the L72 actually had more power than 450 hp. The specifications were lowered to avoid unwanted reaction of the security legislation, but the fans just had to read the magazine reviews to see what was actually happening.

1966 Corvette 427 Black

1966 Corvette 427 Blue-Grey

1966 Corvette 427 On the Road

1966 Corvette 427 Red Girl

1966 Corvette 427 Red

Engine of 1966 Corvette 427 Black

Interior of 1966 Corvette 427 Black

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