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Monday, July 11, 2011

1969 Corvette-The Sixteenth of 50 Fastest Muscle Cars

1969 Corvette1
After the introduction of large-sized models and have a report from the automotive media owners, car design 1969 Corvette has become a lower change, wheel diameter, cut a leg over an inch at the edges. For security reasons the interior door and control buttons have been redesigned. Ignition switch mounted on the front moved to the steering column, which combined with the newly mandated key columns for added security.
1969 Corvette 2

An added warning lights to inform the driver that the pop-up headlights have not come through. Efforts were also made to increase the volume flow Astro fan, but the system was still considered inadequate. Finally, a flexible panel-mounted map pockets in the three-part included to help offset the lack of suitable gloves.

Exterior changes are also minimal, the most obvious is the return of the Stingray name (now written as one word) in the script on the front fenders grille. Other change is the door handle. The new door lever there is only one handle, replaces the conventional chrome handgrips with using the mother-button operation. A new machine system was added, glass washer jets was transferred to the wiper arm.

The technique has long been hidden wiper settings become more complex with the addition of an override switch that allows the panel to be operated in cold weather. At the rear, the previously separate backup lights incorporated in the taillamps.
1969 Corvette 3
Change the engine, more clearly, to see how the car was in the second year of federal mandates and emission controls are relatively simple. Famous Chevy small-block-sized quarter-inch to 3.48 inches. Corvette offered 300 - and 350 hp versions, the same ranking as in-class car that appeared in 1968, but with the compression down a quarter point in each case, to 11,0:1 and 10.25:1, respectively. Significantly, the peak velocity was also lower engine power at 200 rpm 4800 rpm and 5600.

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