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Saturday, July 9, 2011

1968 Plymouth Road Runner-The Faster Muscle Car

In 1968, muscle cars have evolved from the main model with costly special motors for special expensive model, with the engine guys. What is needed is a young American conventional model of low-cost low-cost machine specially. 1968 Plymouth Road Runner muscle car only.

1968 Plymouth Road Runner-Front Left

It all begins with a pillar coupe, iteration is lighter and cheaper Belvedere beautiful new body. Mopar 383 engine has been proven-cid V-8, but with head, manifold, camshaft, valve springs, oil pan and windage tray from the Magnum, big bad 440. With a four barrel carb and air filter unsilenced, the new plant makes 335 bhp.
Serious-minded standard features including improved four-speed manual, 3.23:1 gear, heavy duty suspension, high-rate rear springs, heavy 11-inch drum brakes, and Polyglas F70X14s. TorqueFlite is optional. Hard bench seat interior, and the base price of U.S. $ 2.896 stingy.

1968 Plymouth Road Runner-Engine

Plymouth paid Warner Bros. $ 50,000 for the right to decorate the new model with the name and cartoon drawings of birds. That's just the right touch. The Road Runner has been a success. Plymouth sales forecast for 2500, buyers snapped up about 45,000. Motor Trend called it "shy of the most pure, the car does not compromise the story of the Super ... simplicity is the result acceptable."
383 Given the strong weight and reasonable feel of the car, ET 15 seconds was a little disappointing. Axis 3.55:1 package $ 88 High Performance with claws out of the course is over 383.
1968 Plymouth Road Runner-Steering Wheel
But the low-13s is only $ 714 away by a single engine choice: a 425-bhp 426 Hemi. Only the 1019 has a Hemi Road Runner, which comes with a 3.54:1 Sure-Grip Dana 60 as mandatory and the choice of $ 139. Front discs and an extra clever electric power steering. In the middle of the year, hardtop coupe was added as an optional underdash button to open a ventilation hood, decorative vice versa.

Critics debated the wisdom of paying $ 17 for the treatment of police cover-attractive matte black, and opinion is divided about whether the "beep-beep" horn sound like a cartoon bird or a delivery van. He is truly sounds of success.

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