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Saturday, July 23, 2011

1971 Plymouth Cuda-Details of Powertrain-Chassis: Suspension and Brakes, Wheels,Tires-Style: Body and Interior

Here is the Detils of 1971 Plymouth Cuda

Specification of 1971 Plymouth Cuda Engine

Quick Inspection: '71 Plymouth 'Cuda Darren Tedder
* Social Circle, GA

Engine: Callies crank with a 4.50-inch stroke Keith Black Hemi helps displace 572 ci, and 7.100 inch sling GRP rods relieved CP 12.0:1 pistons and rings with Akerly Childs. Above, Stage V Engineering race heads inflow of an amazing 510-308-cfm exhaust cfm and 28 inches with the help of 2.4 and 1.9-inch titanium valves. A roll of camera crane solid with 0.785/0.760 lift with 284/286 duration at 0.050 a 112-degree LSA Crane lifters and push Mikronite treated with T & D roller rockers with 1.7:1 and 1.6:1 Barton ratios. The system 13 quarts of oil-pump is powered by a blown alcohol Keith Black and uses a spray boom to bathe the valvesprings. The beast is powered by two Dominators Pro systems, and a 175hp shot of nitrous supply was added before PGD for a little insurance.

Food: In the dyno, the obsession with details Darren rewarded with a reliable 1,032 hp at 7,200 rpm and 817 lb-ft of torque at 5,800 rpm, just off the fence.Transmission: The JW ULTRAGLIDE built by Sid Neal with a yield of 9, 5 inch drive about 4,800 rpm stall.Rearend: A custom 9-inch, near Lake Point Tube Chassis uses an odd case Ultra relieved with 4.10 gears, Mark Williams lit a spool, and 40-spline axles Mark Williams .

1971 Plymouth Cuda Gear Shifter-Transmisions

Suspension: A bolt-in coilover conversion AlterKtion RMS with 400-pound double adjustable AFCO springs and shocks with a mischievous RMS takes the lead, while a back custom four-link with stabilizer bar uses a 130-pound double-adjustable Koni coilovers.

Brakes: disc brakes Slotted Strange Engineering are supplied with pressure from a Wilwood master cylinder. The metering valve and block line items are also Wilwood.

Wheels: Wheels Weld Racing Aluma Star measure 15x3.5 in front with a drop of 2.75 inches, there is great Weld Pro Stars 15x15 in the rear with a drop of 7.5 inches.

28x7.50 A pair of Mickey Thompson Sportsmans provide just enough meat in front streetable while 15x33x18.5 Hoosier Quick Time Pros stick to the back to the track. A set of DOT-approved M / Ts are used for the service road.

1971 Plymouth Cuda Engine Specification

Body: Although nothing in the transmission system is sacred, Darren wanted the exterior of the car to look like a Cuda. "Thus, the body remains stock, with all the appropriate badges, except for enlargement wheelwell lower in rear.Paint: A beautiful coat of PPG Plum Crazy Purple was provided by Keith Martin in Classics Cruisin 'in Snellville, Georgia.

Interior: Although retains very good "feel Cuda, there is almost nothing in stock Phillip Allen-crafted interior other than the wheel Rim dashpad-Blo and because of the number of safety and chassis modifications. The seats are aluminum Kirkey parts Simpson belts, and gauges are Auto Meter.

1971 Plymouth Cuda Interior-Wheel Drive-Driver Seat

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