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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Convertible 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda-Muscle Car Images and Article

Convertible 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda-Front View

It seems that the 11 people who ordered Hemi Cuda 'convertible in 1971 are virtually guaranteed a payment of U.S. $ 2 a million more if they decide to sell your ragtop. So if any of these owners have not finished their restorations, you can probably bet that they are working with them as we speak. MRI today, a Hurst pistol-gripped 4-speed sample (1 to 3 as well) brought $ 2.2 million.

1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda Convertible-Front View

Although well known, Cudas Hemi-powered "are quite rare, which is what makes them so valuable. They were only built in 1970 and 1971, and 71 Plymouth built just 108 hits and 11 convertibles. Three are Hurst pistol went four-speed manual transmission cars, and two are B5 blue like this particular 'Cuda. See why they command such ridiculous prices now? and another thing, this car had its engine pushed the stock while it was drag raced and then , was put back together several years later. The odometer still reads originals need less than 300 miles.

Convertible 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda-RM Auction

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Convertible 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda-Front Left View
Convertible 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda-Rear Right View

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