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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Car Driver Mr. Ronnie Sox - Four Speed- Mopar Plymouth Race

Ronnie Sox competenty screwed the new 68 Sox & Martin Hemi Barracuda, It was an immediate winner 10 seconds that was getting faster and faster than the team changed their development forward. Recently, the core team for Chrysler's drag racing program, did clinics, S & M ran, and tested hard on their rare days off. It was an all-out effort in total war, designed to dominate in any theater. S & M clinical appearances were often scheduled the same weekend as one big event or a meet staged at points across the country. often the team brought different cars, such as its Road Runner one B-440 wedge block powered GTX, Hemi-powered, and a Hemi-powered Plymouth Super Bird with the NASCAR-style rear wing. Regardless of body style, any car trimmed in flat Sox & Martin colors carried by mail.

It is not only these cars excel in NHRA Super Stock Eliminator, they were also quick in match race trim. This phenomenon has grown from Chrysler, Ford, GM and dislike for disabled drivers running style and disqualifying break outs to go too fast. They preferred to get heads-up and basic run-Whatcha-brung rules. Interestingly, most of this was the first day back a Funny Car Match Race Mania and trails and so loved by fans.

The Hemi Barracudas and Darts were right at home in these events and the heads-up racing game. It was this popularity that led both NHRA and AHRA to offer heads-up racing Pro Stock, beginning with the winter both association serves 70. Bill Jenkins, always one of the toughest competitors S & M, had a breakthrough in the field, running numerous heads-up events and match races with a 2-4 Carbed, Tunnel-Rammed 427 Camaro running the slightest. He dominated the Pro Stock events in early 1970 and AHRA and NHRA races and the NHRA Gatornationals March. M & S caught up quickly and dominated the rest of the season. This run-scan table included a team win by Herb McCandless in Sox & Martin Plymouth Hemi Duster at Nationals. S & M won all other NHRA Pro Stock event this year.

They opened the '71 season where they left off in 1970, earning up to half of the year in 1971 when they lost in the NHRA Summernationals in Englishtown, New Jersey. The team of S & M does not outrun that race was great, but fell to an untimely flat tire as they were moving toward the starting line during eliminations.
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Another great play this HEMI Cuda 'in a simple decor, but nice in black, blue and white. This classic / vintage car Cuda, with its powerful V8 engine, the pilot was conducted Frenchman Christophe Schwartz, MOPAR team, with the number 04 in the Classic Racing League in 2010.
Wheelbase: 89 mm
Transmission type: 4 × 2 direct rear
Distance: 151 mm
Gear Ratio: 9.27
Track wheel: 60mm
Guide type: Classic turn ARS
Rear Tire Diameter: 21mm
Bolts: 3 (2 +1)

Engine: RX42B
Traction: Rear
Car Weight: 91g
Body Weight: 26g

Available in June 2011.
Information and photos of SCX / Tecnitoys

Plymouth Hemi Cuda SCX Racing

Plymouth Hemi Cuda SCX On Racing

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