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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comparing E55 Charger-Ford Fairmont 351 2V XA Coupe-Holden HQ 350 2 Door Monaro

Which car is faster E55 Charger, Ford Fairmont 351 2V XA Coupe or Holden HQ 350 2 Door Monaro?

If you really want to know go check the link, Charger Club of WA Click here. Supercar Scare 1972. This was a play written by the journalist, "Mr. Evan Green," who interviewed "Milton Morris," the then Minister of Transport, NSW (May 1965-January 1975) on June 25, 1972.

Milton Morris, and effectively destroyed supercars in Australia alone. While some of what he had to say may have been partially correct writing sensationalist and grossly over stating the situation effectively killed the Phase 4 Falcon, Torana XU2 and the Chrysler R / T E55 Charger V8.

NSW Transport Minister
(May 1965-January 1975).

Here are the facts, Bathurst at that time required 200 examples of a single car model built before he could be entered in the race this rule was referred to as type approval. What was Milton Morris suggested that young people would buy these cars in the second hand market, possibly with mechanical defects in them and be killed on the roads. The newspapers referred to these as bullets Supercars on wheels.

A very noble, but let's look at it for a second using today as an example. Can you imagine buying a 18, a Holden Club Sport (car made by GM-H Special Vehicle Division with a high-performance V8 350) which is only 2 or 3 years? Really? I think not.

To be fair to a balanced argument there were also two notable cases of people speeding through the streets at 150 mph! It does not help the cause or approval. The truth to the matter had little to do with the actual facts.

By the standards of today nothing has changed except the young people are buying Skyline or WRX and RTGs are killing themselves. This car is not the fault is caused by inexperienced young drivers with the lack of advanced driver training.

Perhaps the legislation to prohibit drivers under 25 years of purchasing vehicles performance may be the answer?

In any case the government intervened, saying to the manufacturers if you build these cars will not be doing any business fleet. So where would the government will buy their cars from?

The final nail in the coffin was to Bathurst Specials by car manufacturers that responded to my opinion and it's history.
What went wrong at Chrysler?

First Department of the race was scrapped due to a "U.S. Chrysler" newly appointed executive Ballthrope William, who seemed to react more bluntly supercar scare, buy the book "Hey Charger" to all the facts.

Demolition of the racing department was an unnecessary exercise, as sales of cars were based on how much they showed on the race track especially at Bathurst. As the saying goes, and win on Sunday sell on Monday!
(It should be noted, however, that Ford and Holden also bowed to pressure from the government.)

This can happen again? I doubt, due to the fact the rules have changed to Bathurst and they need no more than 200 cars to be built.
Winning on sale Sunday on Monday?

This statement can be proven though? Yes, you can circuits Chargers competed in New Zealand and won every event for 7 consecutive years. Dealers with unsold stock found their stock sold out on Monday after winning Charger.

Sounds simple to sell me victory Sunday Monday to make some money? Heck it is not because they are in business to do!

There were also problems in front of home in the United States with Chrysler, basically they were leaving through the back door in great shape and has undertaken a massive restructuring of the company. It's easy to point the blame to the U.S. failure to Chrysler Australia. The truth of the matter is if they had kept the program running, perhaps they may have been able to finance their own development and retooling new car. We'll never know.

People without vision always play it safe, and they always lose in the end. Why? Because innovation requires a fertile ground to breed within the racing program was that Chrysler fertile ground. Will Chrysler exec who cut the racing program also condemned to oblivion Chrysler in Australia? In my opinion I believe he did. Well done! It seems hard? It really does not go by car of the year in 1971 to extinction in 1981, sums it right up.

Supercar Soon after the noise had died down, Chrysler did the only thing he could do to make use of the stocks of 340 V8 engine that Chrysler was in his hand quietly put the E55 in theaters, not even release a statement of press! The VH 770 SE E55 340 V8 was marketed as a grand tourer, but a Charger GT badged as an "SE".
How many are left?

According to the information base for six Valiant left logged on the road that includes VJs. I do not believe that my best guess would be correct, perhaps, 15-30 and 60-80 VH VJ. My Internet search shows that there are only a handful posted on the Internet. If all database updates, Papanicolaou Bill Information Valiant then we have the best records in numbers.

Bill, "White Knight" Charger - pitching in red! Of note are the side decals saying Charger, White Knights also had a special logo on the side of the vinyl side.
What are they worth?

This is the million dollar question, it depends a lot of conditions, just say a MINT VH SE E55 with all matching numbers could very well sell for well over $ 80,000 (Confirmed May, 2007). A real fixer upper that is complete rebuild including engine, but with corresponding numbers could go for less than $ 15,000.00.

That said, this is just a rule of thumb guide. Supply and demand will always dictate the price, a specific car may well go beyond $ 80.000 or below $ 5000. Best bet is to do your homework first and always consult your local car club.

If you have to have the SE E55 VH over a decision not to move! If you blink you'll miss it make no mistake these cars are very rare and command a premium price.

Below is my opinion of what to pay E55 Chargers.

  • VH SE E55 - What do you think is a fair price - a friend told me one reported in May 2007 just sold for over $ 90K .*
  • VJ E55 - What do you think is a fair price - I saw one on 14 April 2007 approved $ 60.100 in less .
These prices certainly reflect excellent examples of the E55.

Other Performance Model Chargers

  • No. 1 is the E49 - Rough Guide expect to part with between $ 95,000 to $ 115,000. (VJ E49s can be one or two thousand cheaper than the models R / T).
  • The second is the E38, and - Rough Guide expect to part with between $ 65,000 to $ 95,000.
  • No. 3 is the E37s R / T, E48s $ 45,000 to $ 65,000.
  • No. 4 is the base R / T two barrels $ 40,000 to $ 55,000.
  • No. 5 is the VJ E48s $ 35,000 to $ 45,000.
  • No. 6 is the CL Drifter V8 $ 15,000 to $ 25,000.
  • No. 7 White Knight is the VK up to $ 25,000.
  • No. 9 is the Sportsman VJ up to $ 25,000.
I have reviewed this guide in part due to the recent drop in prices in these cars. A charger base running will still set you back over $ 5000.00.

If you e-mail or call me asking what a particular car is worth I'll just refer you to your club Chrysler for assistance.

A car is only worth what your willing to pay for it!

Finally if you must have a genuine Charger E55 or E49 etc or High Performance Pacer be aware it will cost significantly more than a normal production car.

If you buy a car do not base your upper or lower limit to what you read here call your local car club, car prices can vary dramatically from model to model.

There are links to most sites Chrysler on the links page.

More Chrysler are sold through word of mouth or through car clubs before they hit the market! (So ​​if you are looking for a car, check with your local car club)
If you are considering buying a charger or any older car for that matter you really need to consider all the costs involved. Parts are not available on the shelves at the local car dealership. They can be purchased though the costs are high.

Never buy a genuine "and" car without first inspection car club member!

Mechanical knowledge is not generally available to remember these cars are now more than 30 years, most of the mechanics who worked with them are nearing retirement or have retired.

These RTGs are not Skyline or WRXs these are chrome steel and they need careful handling.
So you do not have the money?
Car Model Trax has launched a VH SE E55 1:43 scale

Order yours today at only $ 39.95 plus shipping. Click image for more details.
Thank you for taking the time to view the page

What you read here is the result of two years more research I included everything I could find from the Internet plus source material that I have listed. I hope to have more facts Chrysler soon so stay tuned. I hope you enjoyed reading, if you would like to add your E55 here, please use the email links on this page and send me a photo and run down any that you would like to include.

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