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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 1960 Chrysler S Series Valiant-Australian Muscle Cars

1960 Chrysler Windsor Station Wagon

 Chrysler S Series Valiant was produced by Chrysler Australia 1962-1980. Chrysler Australia assembled the American Plymouth Valiant in 1962, and marketed by Chrysler as the Valiant. 

1960 Chrysler 300 Black-Front Left View
They developed a local version, the Valiant AP5, with distinctive styling giving the car an identity separate from the U.S. and Plymouth Dodge variants in 1963. The reason for the development of a different style was the concern that the local manufacturer could not afford to make substantial lifestyle changes as rapidly as in the U.S.  Thus, a modified appearance would minimize the risk of accusations that Australia was selling last-year's-model.

1960s Chrysler

1960 Chrysler Windsor
Chrysler Valiant expanded the range with 2 door hardtop, long wheelbase (VIP) and sports (Pacer) variants in 1960s.

1960 Chrysler Windsor-White

In addition, with the acquisition of the British Rootes U.S. Chrysler Group, Chrysler Australia took over Rootes Australia, as well as the operation of its Port Melbourne plant in 1966. Until 1973 the main Rootes model sold in Australia was the Hillman Hunter and than this car has become a steady seller for Chrysler.

1960s Chrysler Concept Cars

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