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Monday, July 25, 2011

The First Muscle Car of Plymouth Barracuda 1964-1966-legendary Muscle Car

The first pony car named Plymouth Barracuda, two weeks before the debut of the Ford Mustang and was quickly eclipsed by the Mustang and Firebird / Camaro, but in 1970, It would make a name for himself when it was available with an engine of his competitors could only dream of the Hemi.
1964 Plymouth Barracuda
In early 1964 the Plymouth Barracuda was launched, two weeks before the Ford Mustang. Then Called the Valiant Barracuda Officially, kept his lower body and the car based on the compact Valiant, but used a fastback super-structure with a huge wraparound backlight -the largest piece of glass ever put on a production car- and stubby trunklid. The interior presented the Signet's bucket seats, and a flip-down rear seat, and security panel for carrying long items. Marketing for the vehicle pointed out its features and design of convenience rather than sporting performance, which would undermine his image as a performance for years to come. Offering engines were the same as the Valiant, with a 170 cid Slant Six at launch, with the 225 Slant Six or 273 V8 as options.

1965 Plymouth Barracuda

1965 saw the introduction of performance option "Formula S", although the Plymouth Barracuda still was far from a performance car. The 225 Slant Six officially replaced the 170 Slant Six as the standard motor.
1966 Plymouth Barracuda

In 1966 The Barracuda has received a facelift as the Valiant, but received its own grill and exterior design. Barracuda different "fish" emblems were added, which would remain until 1970. Engine options remained unchanged.

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