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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Origin of Dodge Charger and What is Dodge Charger 'B-body' ?

1965 Dodge Charger-Rear Right View

1966 Dodge Charger Dash-Interior Wheel Drive View

The term "Dodge Charger" was the name for a mid-size car produced by Dodge. The Chargers were based on the 1975-1978 Chrysler Cordoba. The Chargers were based on 1966-1974 Chrysler B platform.

1966–1967 Dodge Charger-Front Left View

1967 Charger NASCAR Spoiler-Rear View

1968–1970 Dodge Charger-Front Right View

Source of "Charger"
It began since the early sixties many car manufacturers were exploring new ideas in the personal luxury car segments. Chrysler, slow to get into the special cars, their selected Dodge Division to enter an untapped market for a larger model to fit between the "pony car" Ford Mustang and the "personal luxury" Ford Thunderbird. The intention was to use the B-body sports car with a fastback look to share as much of their existing hardware.

1969 Dodge Charger-Front Left View

1972 Dodge Charger-Front Left View

1971–1974 Dodge Charger-Front View

During 1960s, Burt Bouwkamp, Chief Engineer for Dodge and one of the men behind the Dodge Charger, related his experience during a speech in July 2004.

1970 Dodge Charger R T-Front Left View

1975–1978 Dodge Charger-Front Left View

 Lynn Townsend was at odds with the Dodge dealer and wanted to do something to please them. In 1965, he asked me to come to their office-the second time. He noted that one of the Dodge Dealer Council requests was for a Barracuda type vehicle. 

1974 Dodge Charger-Front Left View

The general theme of dealer product recommendation was the same-we want to have Plymouth. A specific request for a Mustang type vehicle was not as controversial to Lynn. His direction to me was to give them a specialty car but he said 'for God's sake do not make it a derivative of the Barracuda': ie do not make it a Barracuda competitor. 
1973 Dodge Charger-Front View

Dodge Charger-Front Right View

So the 1966 Charger was born."We built car" idea "a charger that displayed at auto shows in 1965 to stimulate market interest in the concept. The project was approved, but we told the press and attendees of the show car that was just an" idea "and we would build it if they liked it. it was preordained that they would like it."

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