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Sunday, August 7, 2011

1961 Dodge Dart Overview

1961 Dodge Dart Black - Front Left Side View

1961 Dodge Dart Dark Red - Front Right Side View

Dodge Dart remained less than full-size for 1961. It was restyled to emulate the greatest Polara and kept the 1960 at 118 (2997 mm) wheelbase. The same three trim levels were available as in 1960: the mid-range Pioneer, premium Phoenix, and the base of Seneca.

1961 Dodge Dart Classic Photo - Front Left Side View

1961 Dodge Dart Dark Red White Roof - Front Right View
Engine choices included the 225 cu in (3.7 L) Slant-6, and 318 cu in (5.2 L) and 361 cu in (5.9 L) V8 was also available in numerous configurations. Phoenix convertibles were all equipped with V8 engines. Some Darts ordered with the engine 225 were equipped with cast aluminum block. Darts in all series were fitted with three-speed, column shifted manual transmissions. At an extra cost, pushbutton displaced Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic was available . 

1961 Dodge Dart Green Classic Photo - Left View
1961 Dodge Dart Red - Rear Left Side View

In 1960, the alternator was introduced as standard equipment. On the Valiant, there was installed instead of the DC generator before 1961 in all Chrysler products, including the Dart. For identical to those of the U.S. abroad, Darts 1961 Canadian-built the models, but the interior trim controls and displays were used in the U.S. Plymouth.

1961 Dodge Dart Red - Right Side View

1961 Dodge Dart Red White - Rear Left View

In 1961, Virgil Exner styling with its rear fender scalloping, reverse fins and concave grille. It was highly unpopular with consumers.There was also an adverse reaction to small size of the Dart tail lights and the low positioning just above the corners of the bumpers, drivers in other cars complained that they could not see them. For engaging side visibility at night, the taillights are designed, but most of the light was projected to the side, not back. Dodge was forced to make auxiliary taillights available at an extra cost through its dealer network in mid-year. Then these large round lights were aggravated the already strange style and mounted near the inner side of the reverse fins,.

1961 Dodge Dart Silver - Front Right Side View

1961 Dodge Dart White - Front Left Side View

Dodge saw Dart sales drop by nearly 46% to 142,000 units from 266,700. It was the beginning of bad news for Dodge in 1961. The total number of Darts sold, almost ½ - 66,100 were the Seneca. Comparing with sales for 1961 Plymouth, the combined sales of Dart and Polara were lower. In 1961 Dodge ninth in sales to U.S. market, up from sixth place in 1960.

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