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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lastest years of the Plymouth History

Plymouth Automobile Logo in 1960s
Plymouth models most offered from the year 1970 are Acclaim, Volare, Neon, Laser, and Breeze. They were badge engineered versions of Dodge, Chrysler, or Mitsubishi models. Plymouth had lost much of its identity, as his models went on the overlap of features and prices with other Dodges, Chryslers, and Eagles in the 1990s. In trying to fix this, Chrysler Plymouth  reposition to its traditional place, mark the automaker's entry level. One of the Plymouth stategy in market penetrasion is giving his own sailboat new logo and advertisements that focused solely on value. Because this only narrowed even more product offerings and appeal of Plymouth buyer, so the sales continued to fall.

The late 90's letter emblem from a 1999 Neon - Plymouth Automobile Logo 1990s

By giving Plymouth a variant of the highly successful 1993 for new full-size LH platform, Chrysler considered that it would have been called to praise, but decided against it . There was only four vehicles were sold under the name of Plymouth at the end of 1990 such as: the minivans Voyager / Grand Voyager, the Neon compact car, Breeze mid-size sedan, and the Prowler sports car, which was to be the last model unique to Plymouth, despite the Chrysler PT Cruiser was designed as a unique concept to Plymouth before production began as a Chrysler model.
2006 Plymouth Prowler - Modern Muscle Car

Chrysler was planning to expand the Plymouth line with a number of unique models before the company's merger with Daimler-Benz AG, after the suspension of the Eagle brand in 1998. The first model was a hot rod with sporty style the Plymouth Prowler. The PT Cruiser have been the second. Suggesting Chrysler intended a retro styling theme for the Plymouth brand, both models had similar front-end style. Plymouth had no unique models, besides the Prowler not also available in the Dodge or Chrysler lines, at the time of acquisition of Daimler Chrysler.

Since a peak production of the 1973 model year
of 973 thousand units. After 1990, Plymouth rarely broke 200,000 cars per year. Voyager sales were generally less than 50% of the Dodge Caravan.  The name Plymouth was extinguished at the end of model year 1999 in Canada. Consequently, Daimler Chrysler decided to leave the brand after a limited run of 2001 models. The announced was on November 3, 1999.

Special Deluxe 1949 Plymouth Station - Muscle Car

The second-generation Neon for 2000-2001 was the last new model sold under the Plymouth brand. The PT Cruiser was ultimately launched as a Voyager and Chrysler Prowler were absorbed and that do so well. The Neon was sold only as a Dodge in the U.S., though it remained available as a Chrysler in Canada and other markets in following the model year 2001. After 2000, the Plymouth Breeze was dropped, Chrysler introduced their redesigned 2001 Dodge Stratus and Chrysler Sebring sedan.

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