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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Legendary big-cube muscle car machine and Oldsmobile Rocket 88

Two of the Top Ten Greatest Muscle Cars

Legendary big-cube, high power muscle machine

No form of an iconic car which is the tradition of the American muscle car performance. The presence of muscle cars into a unique identity in America. Shoehorning the muscle car concept by using a powerful engine in the chassis without brakes dangerous with adequate power and speed for the race on the road. Place to test the speed of muscle car is only found in countries where the course is relatively smooth and safe, gasoline with high octane and low levels such as the United States.

David Newhardt, Mustang - Forty Years

In films like American Graffiti American cultural invention in sports dirancan to celebrate the uniqueness and strengths featuring many American muscle cars are traveling at the speed of a straight line, racing drug. Note also that most of the factory riders - Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt, COPO Chevelle, Corvette L88, etc. - that some manufacturers sold during the years 60 and 70 are not listed as most do not even pretend to be real cars. The story of the Top 10 muscle cars contain a variety of controversies because of the emergence of a different opinion from their respective fans, but once they have some information that is always circulating

Oldsmobile Rocket 88

Oldsmobile V8 flopped big in body size in 1949, and with the start of a national obsession that lasted until the 1973 oil crisis. The Rocket 88 135 horsepower does not seem as usual, today is also 303 cubic inch displacement is too large. The car engine wear two barrel carburetor, the price is cheap compared to the practice of twin quads, but the Rockets have won eight of 88 races 88 of 10 1950 NASCAR season. 

Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Picture

In fact, although it may be hard to imagine now that the old Olds sign extinct, the division has been held as to its appearance in 1977, when it underestimated demand for the Oldsmobile "Rocket" V8 350 famous in his book, Delta 88 and replaced with the same size, but a little machine different from Chevrolet.

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