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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is 'Shelby SuperCars' ?

Shelby Super Car SSC Ultimate Aero Yellow Photo - Front Left View

In 1998 Jerod Shelby (no relation to car designer Carroll Shelby) founded an American automobile manufacturer named Shelby SuperCars, Inc. (SSC). He is also the owner of Shelby SuperCars, Inc. (SSC). The headquarter of this company is in West Richland, near the Tri-Cities, Washington and they specializes in the production only for supercars.

Shelby Super Car Ultimate Aero Photo - Front Left View
Shelby SuperCars - SSC Ultimate Aero White - Rear View

They built SSC Aero equipped with a twin turbo V8 pushrod engine. Their turbo 6.35 liters (388 cu in) V8 producing 1,287 hp (960 kW; 1305 PS), which can result the most powerful production car in the world, beating Bugatti Veyron bhp is 987 (736 kW; 1001 PS). The "Ultimate Aero" took the title of fastest production car the Bugatti Veyron, which has since been claimed by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport On September 13, 2007. The Ultimate Aero has a top speed of 414 km / h (257 mph).

Shelby Super Car Ultimate Aero Red Photo - Front Left View

Shelby Super Car Ultimate Aero Blue Photo - Front Right View

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