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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1969 Camaro Autocar Insurance Claims - Auto fire

This is one example of frequently asked questions about Auto Car Insurance 1969 Camaro.
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe - right side burning
Case in point:
Cars 1969 Camaro yesterday someone had just burned. The car is already insured with this type of collector car insurance. As the cause of burned, it should be the Camaro car repainted because almost all the paint has been lost so back to normal. Adjuster said that they can only bear half of the Camaro paint damage due to fires, car owners are determined to get the whole car repainted as before burned. Adjuster said he must have fire insurance or specific flood, not the collector insurance of that these people have. Though collectors insurance valued at $ 35,000.00, while the fire damage of only about $ 7000.00. 1969 Camaro car owners are asking "Where's insurance cover all my Camaro car paint?. Can anyone give me advice?"

1969 Camaro at 2009 Street Car Super Nationals

1969 Camaro SS 396- Overall Front Right Corner
Someone answered from the perspective of a professional auto insurance adjuster.
During the past twenty years I deal with auto insurance claims, I have never heard someone ask for change back as they paint the car after the fire. In the case of a fire your Camaro, if your car painter told that the cost of insurance claims you should be able to make the Camaro paint your Camaro back to normal. That is a statement that can not be accounted for by an amateur painter car. He does not understand insurance.

1969 Camaro at 2009 Street Car Super Nationals - Burning the street
My advice should be there soon to take your car he will provoke and hurt you. It is actually a painter does not have the ability to restore your car's paint because the paint store did not have the technology that professionals use color mixer with a computer. He says it intends to ask such additional costs from you to your car's paint finish is intact, but it claims cost of your auto insurance company also he asked.
Camaro Car Insurance Policy
Such cases usually occur when you intend to repaint your Camaro on the painting with manual techniques, not using the computer system so that the results are not accurate.

My advice, be careful in choosing a paint your car. Good luck!

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