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Friday, November 25, 2011

Muscle Cars - Automotive World Breaking the emergence since the 1960s - 1970s

Black 1965 Pontiac GTO - Origin of Modern Muscle Car

The development of the modern automotive world embellished with various style and appearance of the car that most packaged using the V8 engine in it. This most modern cars have a relative light weight and great strength so that optimal accleration. This car type is a trend that many applied both in the arena of competition racing and illegal street racing.

Legendary Muscle Car 1973 Chevy Chevelle Malibu

Beginning of the emergence of muscle cars are in the mid-1960s, which later production began to decline drastically in the mid-1970s. Decline in production due to the growing controversy in the community about the use of muscle cars to the public and used on public roads. Some other barriers to the production of muscle cars in the mid-1970s are strict rules about the use of emission controls and the number of muscle cars to race on the street so that insurance rates skyrocketed and an increasingly difficult to purchase coverage.

Modern Muscle Car Pontiac GTO of American Race Car

The reason manufacturers are difficult to penetrate a new rule-making muscle cars plus the high cost of auto insurance increases muscle makes the muscle car demand declined.

The presence of remnants of the muscle cars produced in the 1960s became extremely valuable, especially for the clasic car or vintage car collectors and some of them are still fond of a wild race on the highway. Increasing number of collectors and muscle car lovers to make improvement in the muscle car market. Thus emerged a few cars manufactured with specifications similar to the legendary muscle car. But somehow no one be as good as The real muscle cars including Road Runner, Chevelle SS and the Pontiac GTO. They are top of the muscle car legend in1960s until the 1970s.

Old Muslce Car Chevelle SS

Current information technology era, the term resurfaced muscle cars to commemorate the history of automotive world in the era of the 1960s until the 1970s. The presence of a modern muscle car is shown with the emergence of popular Challenger and Charger. Many automotive enthusiasts who say it is a fake muscle cars in the modern era, but not a few others who argue that it is a car The real muscle in the modern era.

1969 Pontiac GTO - Best Collection Muscle Car Picture

In my opinion however the beauty of the modern muscle car that appeared recently in the era after the 2000s until now, remains a classic muscle car vintage very impressive in our memories. Muscle car era of the 1960s until the 1970s was the emergence of muscle car history database of the world is breaking ototmotif market in certain segments. To date I still love the muscle cars that actually ...

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