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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The American Classic Muscle Cars Brief History

1969 Trans Am as Muscle Car - Front View Photo

The appearance of muscle cars from the 60's has brought a significant influence on the streets around the world. Despite a relatively brief appearance, because in the mid 70s. The presence of muscle cars that was first released in the United States is mostly favored by young people. Muscle car is a unique sports car, which became very popular during the era of the 1960s to the 1970s.

1970 Boss 302 Mustang - The Muscle Car Historical Legendary

Most muscle cars designed by using the engine type supercharger V8 and V12 that produces several types of combustion piston with great force, high-performing between 300-400 bhp and amazing accleration.

The extra engine power obtained by the muscle car from overhead camshafts, valve specialist, and the air intake manifold and dual carburettors made use of a dual exhaust anyway. All machine settings resulted in the muscles is very high-performance machines.

Ford GT40 as the Sport Muscle Car in Racing

Pontiac GTO as the Legendary and Classic Muscle Car

Formerly the existence of these muscle cars often collide with the various rules used cars on the highway where it should meet the standards of speed, power and exhaust. Which first appeared as the muscle car that can be ridden on the highway is the Chevrolet Covette.

The emergence of this Covette not in the 60 70s, but has been made since 1953 as a pioneering design of the advent of muscle cars of the world especially in America. At first the engine was still standard but was later redesigned by the company to become a powerful engine to 327 horsepower, and the formation of patterned piston v8. Driving forces of the size of the piston body
is greater.

The Classical Muscle Car Photo Collection

The High Performance of Superbird Muscle Car

Some of the next period of 1964 Ford also color the muscle car market with its flagship product from the Ford Mustang. Mustang name became a legend its own for fans of racing in the era 1964-present. Fans of the most widely mainly from the United States. Production and marketing of the Ford Mustang became increasingly simple. Tired Ford Mustang sales success, encouraging. Development Mustang Pony Cars entering the arena type with patterned V8 engine.

The Oldest Muscle Car Picture

Competition on the Pony Car classes from year to year more and more stringent, including senior competition muscle cars including the Dodge Charger, and Ford who then use different types V12 engine that was fitting. Muscle cars then became a classic legendary muscle car up to today.


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