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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Bumblebee Modified 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS American style

Many stories about the Camaro muscle car that could not be separated from the element of superiority land of Uncle Sam. It can also be seen from the lyrics of a song called Wishlist Lyric made by Seattle band Pearl Jam from the United States, in the lyrics of the song shows a different side of view, that the Camaro is not only seen as an ordinary car.

2011 Camaro Bumblebee from Indonesia

In one of the lyrics are sentimental value to be loved, that is on the lyrics reads' I wish I was the fool moon shining off a camaro's hood ... ". Similarly, the fifth-generation Camaro, or who later earned the nickname Bumblebee.

Before discussing further, about some success stories sci-fi action film Transformers Paramount Pictures production that also comes from the United States, succeeded in making the image that is identical to the Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee figure.

2011 Camaro Bumblebee front wheel View

2011 Camaro Bumblebee Interior from Indonesia

In the story the film is mentioned that the robotic character Bumblebee is a very special jolly, he was able to transform itself into a Camaro muscle car disguised as progress. Many people who later acknowledged the success of Michael Bay (director on the film), which changes the character Bumblebee is able to package these to further demonstrate the identity and American style. Actually, the original manuscript Transformers mention that earlier this yellow figure is a VW Goldbug or frog.

2011 Camaro Bumblebee Engine View by Indonesian

The film is packed in a cartoon version, so it has spent millions of dollars. As we know, that such a cartoon using the latest digital technology and the most cutting-edge digital technology with a highly sophisticated. Because of the greatness of packaging and film audiences are able to anesthetize many of them Dhiandro Edwin, who desire to have Bumblebee soon as Sam Witwicky who acted as a human main character in the movie Transformers.

2011 Camaro Bumblebee Modified Rear View

2011 Camaro Bumblebee Under Body View

"Frankly, it's time want to really have that Camaro (Bumblebee, Red). Diliatnya cool and baseball there have here. Then taunya baseball, my father bought the car directly, really happy, "said Dhinadro with happy.

But the desire to have the Camaro, the more passionate when additional Wheels Vellano VST size 24x (9 +10) inches, able to make macho cars became more stylized and unsightly. And this is a debut!

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