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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brief Overview of the American muscle car

1969 Dodge Coronet RT Dark Red - Front Right View

Distinguishing identity with the other muscle cars is due to high performance. Most muscle cars from America ever become a very popular trend in the 1960s to the 1970s. Muscle cars have a high horse power and typically have a masculine appearance. Although originated in the Americas, but now it is famous muscle cars to various countries including South Africa, Australia, Britain and other countries. Most muscle cars in the search by collectors and lovers of old racing cars. 

American Muscle Cars Generation Coloured White and Red

American Muscle Cars Generation

Beginning of the advent of muscle cars in America are using the two doors and a high horse-powered, formation V8 engine, and engine displacement up to 303 strong cubic inches, while also using two-barrel carburetors increasing the prosses combustion piston for a more powerful explosion. Muscle cars had become an idol in the race car racing season in the 1950's. Also has a lot of muscle cars won many races. 

American Muscle cars GTX front left side view

Actually, the muscle car was introduced in 1949, by the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 with a product. The car uses a high compression systems with overhead v-8. Rocket 88 comes from the Hudson motor car owned by Hudson Hornet. American muscle cars have also been popularized by Chrysler. 

First Muscle Car Of Pontiac Yellow - Front Left View Photo

In 1955, Oldsmobile comes with a new product featuring the C-300 a very compelling attraction for fans in America. Performance of 300 horsepower, and capable of driving 0-60, 9.8 seconds. History proves a lot of muscle cars from America. Rambler Rebel is one of several types of muscle car was the fastest sedan. 

The True of American Muscle Cars

Some kind of muscle car that later gained popularity, namely Ford, Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler. They were all drag racers. Around the year 1964, then came some other muscle cars, the Pontiac GTO, Firebird, Mustang, Shelby, Duster, Chrysler, Cuda or Barracuda, 3000 GT, Viper and the Camaro. At the time the world oil crisis in 1973, muscle cars are becoming obsolete by some fans, the second cause is the price plummeted, maintenance costs and higher insurance. 

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