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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Muscle Car Museum, Antique Cars, Old Cars, Car era of the legendary 60-70s

A museum show for fans of muscle cars and old cars. This museum is a place where the cars era of 60-70s which is famous for big horsepower cars displayed. The cars are factory produced some giants in those days, and some cars that have been modified and reconstructed by the owners.

Some famous brands muscle cars on display at the museum include the Pontiac GTO, Chevy Camaro, Corvette, Buick National, Road Runner, Shelby Mustang, Hemi Mopars, and some types of V6 and V8 cars others who had been a historic icon in the history of the automotive world, especially muscle car world is a legend that began in America.

The presence of this museum was originally only contained 90 antique cars and old cars, but the more days, more and more museums and collectors and managers penggunjungnya musiumpun finally add his collection. The existence of this car makes museum lovers of muscle cars, classic cars, exotic cars, old cars are happy because they can more easily find and view ototmotif history and reliving the past.

You are guaranteed not to be disappointed when visiting the museum, so you can meet some people who have the same hobbies with you about collecting and caring for old muscle cars and historic. What is the name of the museum?, Maybe you can not wait to find out. Baikklah, according to the headings in this paper, I tell you. The name of the museum that is Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum.

Foto Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum, Sevierville

Foto Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum ini merupakan hak milik TripAdvisor

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