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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Dodge Challenger - The Best Musclecar Interior and Exterior Performance

2012 Dodge Challenger Photo Captured Down Front Left Side

2012 Dodge Challenger Engine  Side View Photo

Look at the pictures of the Dodge Challenger muscle car that follows, you may be amazed just how captivating exterior latest edition of the Dodge Challenger this year. Notice on the front, looking position grill and headlights are more macho, equipped with fog lamps sharp. Has become a hallmark of 2012 Dodge Challenger, that the front grille is narrower and elongated.

2012 Dodge Challenger Interior Side Photo View

2012 Dodge Challenger Photo - Driver Side View

Macho impression other one is the use of paint colors to impress black car, combined with two stripes of gray and there was also a dark red stripes. The main lamp designs are a bit small and seemed sharp as the eyes of a cobra.

At the rear, the trunk slightly elevated position just above the cabin window, it shows the bravery of these cars cause muscular impression strong and powerful.

2012 Dodge Challenger Photo Captured Front Center View

2012 Dodge Challenger Photo Captured from  Driver Seat View

At the rear, brake lights and turn lights, shown more clearly the shape of the box approach. This is to show the character of the brave and mighty. Other design that gives the impression of modern and dashing can be seen on the wheel that comes with racing forms and contrasting modern and stylish.

Best 2012 Dodge Challenger Photo Captured Front Right Side View

Photo of 2012 Dodge Challenger Captured Rear Left Side View

It seems you will not be satisfied if it does not see the inside of the car, the interior is created the impression that simple, but equipped with modern features of a luxury car. If you sit on the seat, maybe you feel like a private jet plane. A variety of steering control nearly everything is made ​​easy with the button on the steering wheel, transmission and seating around the wheel that can be tuned according to taste. an exclusive service of this drive can you feel when you ride the latest 2012 Dodge Challenger. Driving safely .....

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