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Friday, January 27, 2012

1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible 426 Brief Overview

426 Hemi Cuda Convertible Yellow - rear left view

Many people know muscle cars 1971 Hemi Cuda 426 of the TV show Nash Bridges. This time it was some real photos Hemi Cuda 426 species from all sides shooting. In a diary, that the appearance of an actor Don Johnson in a 1971 Hemi Cuda special cover of the book titled American Muscle, then he also said that this is a car that he wanted to show.

1971 hemi 'Cuda 426 convertible Auction

1971 plymouth cuda hemi 426 convertible interior

Many Americans assume that the muscle car is a 1971 Hemi Cuda convertible, including antiques are hard to find, if any who have it are also generally well cared for as a spare car. It is also almost the same as those covered in the TV show. In addition, the media also preached by some media outlets printed and internet diataranya is if you read this story in the February 1997 Mopar Muscle Magazine.

1971 plymouth cuda hemi 426 convertible

Hemi Cuda Convertible Yellow - Front Left Side Photo

Enough historic year for the Hemi, because this is the last time Ditahun 1971 Hemi produced. It is said that only about nine 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible is produced. This is a very small amount. Of the nine units of the Hemi Cuda Convertible sold in the country is five Americans, while the other two in exports. It uses TIDA muscle cars and four-speed transmission.

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda 426 Convertible - interior view

Mr Norms 426 Hemi Cuda Convertibles - Front Grill View

Some muscle cars that we present is already experiencing recovery in the year in the 80's by Vincent to Giuseppe, this time with old car warehouse in Wallingford, CT. Despite looking like the other cars, but some photos have been distributed to various online media, so do not be surprised, perhaps many times you see pictures of muscle cars in the various sites and other media.

Sox and Martin 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Modif

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