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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Plymouth GTX Generation - Classic and Muscle Car Legend that never ends

1970 Plymouth GTX - Front Grile and Head lamp View Photo

Muscle car is a giant machine implementation that is applied to the body of a smaller car. The world's automotive manufacturers who pioneered the design of muscle cars including the General Motors issued a type of GTO. Apparently GM experiment to bring success to the market, as evidenced by their sales are exploding. Then, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet and Buick soon followed by manufacturing high-performance cars, while Plymouth is still not doing anything, so many consider this producer fell asleep the first time the production of muscle cars exploded. But after a few years they issued a Plymouth GTX.

1970 Plymouth gtx street - Front Grill and Bumper View

1970 Plymouth GTX Yellow - Frotn Left View

The legend began in 1967 via Plymouth Plymouth production of GTX. This muscle car offered only two choices are 440 cubic engine big block with the power to 375 horsepower and 426 cubic inch type that is considered able to beat its competitors Hemi with a conservative rating reached 425 horsepower. Plymouth GTX also briefly popular in the Motor Trend magazine. At that sales reached thirteen thousand units that are the result of production in 1967.

1971 Plymouth GTX Purple - Front Left View

1971 Plymouth GTX Red - Front Left View Photo

Completion of the Plymouth GTX carried out in 1968, which was introduced back together Chrysker intermediates. The force introduced is similar to the Dodge Charger, Super Bee and Plymouth Road Runner. Even the choice of engine is also synonymous with muscle cars that have a very strong power. This car is designed in America. The results of this Plymouth improvements to fruition, as evidenced by the sale that can reach eighteen thousand units a year.

Photo of Plymouth GTX 1971 - Front Right View

Plymouth GTX 1967 - Front Left View Photo

Generation of the 1969 GTX and 1970 shows little variation, especially on the back. This muscle car electrical systems remain the same, and still use the machine with a big block. In 1970, the Plymouth GTX offers three options, namely the famous 440 Six Barrel. This type uses a tri or two barrel carburetor for combustion engines. Of these changes make Plymouth GTX engine capable of producing power up to 35 larger than the previous generation.

Plymouth GTX Black Solid - Front Right View Photo

Generation Plymouth after 1970 until the latest, you can see on our tabulations sedikan link at the bottom of this page. Muscle cars of the world continues to experience good growth engine technology as well as their physical body until the modern muscle cars coming out lately. This proves that the muscle car legend continued until now.


1 comment:

B. Taylor said...

I love the look of the classic muscle cars of the 1960's and 70's. They are sleek, cool, and oozing with power.

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